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In honor of Veteran’s Day a complete list of every veteran who served in WWII in PDF format is being made available.

 Click on the following link and the file will  be downloaded into your downloads folder.  Click on the file and it will open in a PDF printable format.

WWII Enlistment Records

Everyone should get a copy and see if your fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers are on the list.  You then are part of history.

The only difference between the names on the wall in the Carter County Veteran’s Memorial Park and those on the above list is the fact that most on this list came home.  Their reasons for being there were the same.  They served their Country in the time of need.  Today is Veterans day, a day to remember and honor those who served and came home.  That does not mean we cannot remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice but Memorial Day is the proper day for remembering those, today is for the veteran in your family,  who is your neighbor,  and all others who served their country in uniform.

Last modified on November 11, 2014

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